We feel we have outstanding day camp with an excellent swimming program, field trips, and staff.  We offer our services at a rate equal to, or below many Chicago-land day camps.  We would like to keep it this way! Your cooperation will enable us to continue to keep your child's tuition at the lowest possible rate without sacrificing the high quality of our day camp program.  You can help by cooperating fully with the following general policies:

 1.  At registration you are required to pay the Annual Educational Materials Fee and/or Day Camp Registration Fee, the First Week    of Tuition plus the Last Week Security Deposit by personal check or money order. 

 2.  The Annual Day Camp Registration Fee, are Non-Refundable, and will be renewed annually. The Registration Fee is charged at      the time of registration.

 3SECURITY DEPOSIT: At the time of entry into the program, a one week security deposit is required.  The security deposit will   be applied to the last scheduled week in the program.

 4A minimum of two (2) weeks is required.  The first (2) weeks must be in a row (consecutively).

 5.  If your child attends any part of a week, or any part of a day, the full tuition is charged. If your child is absent for any reason due  to illness or vacation, full tuition is charged.

 6.  Tuition may be paid by personal check, money order, certified check.  Payments may be made as many weeks in advance as you       desire. 

 7Tuition is due on FRIDAY in ADVANCE of services rendered.  All tuition is due the Friday BEFORE the week of attendance.     Any tuition due, if not received by 8:30 a.m. Monday morning, will be considered DELINQUENT and is subject to an additional      weekly $20.00 (Twenty Dollars) late fee charge.  Your child will not be accepted in school on the following Monday (one week after        a delinquent balance) if delinquent tuition and late fees for the previous week have not been paid by Friday morning of the week in          attendance. 

 8.   Parents are to have their child(ren) at their camp site, no later than 8:30 a.m. to ensure they make bus loading for the daily         camp activities.  For security reasons, please personally escort your child(ren) into the building, sign-in and notify a counselor of             their arrival.  Buses are scheduled to leave promptly at 9:00 a.m.  In the evening, sign-out your child(ren) and check the group               folder for parent information.

 9.  Each camper is required to be dressed in a camp t-shirt, shorts, socks, rubber soled shoes, and additional cover clothing suited to the   weather and the activity scheduled for the day.  CAMP T-SHIRTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE WORN DAILY.  Additional regular         or tank top t-shirts may be purchased at the cost of $15.00 each.  CAMP TOWELS are available at a cost of $20.00 each.  Please label     all clothes and towels with your child’s name using a permanent marker.  ALL ITEMS MUST BE LABELED.  Jolly Fun Day Camp is     not responsible for lost items.

 10.  Our locations close promptly at 6:00 p.m. Parents who arrive after the 6:00 p.m. closing time will be charged a late fee of $15.00 for each 15 minutes, or portion thereof, that you are late. This money is used to reimburse teachers for the inconvenience of staying after closing and the money should be paid directly to them by check/money order.  If your child is not picked up by closing time, and we have not been notified, the following procedures will be implemented: 1. Two teachers will stay with your child.  2. All parent numbers and emergency contact numbers will be notified 3. If no one is reached within a reasonable time frame, the child will be given to the local police authorities.   

 11. Parents are required to give the office two full weeks written notice of discontinuation and/or program change.  This notice must be on/before Friday in advance of the 14 day notice. If notice is NOT given written notice, full tuition will be charged for each week NOT attended.  See the office for “CHANGE OF INFORMATION FORM,” which must be filled out and signed by the parent and the director in order to make changes of any kind.  To discontinue a week of camp, you must give a full fourteen day (two week) written notice.  Weeks may be added on a space available basis.

 12We swim three mornings per week, beginning week 2 thru week 10 (weather permitting).  On swim days, campers should bring a swim suit, sun screen, towel, and change of clothes.  Please bring swim gear regardless of what the weather looks like in the morning, as it may be possible to swim later in the day.  I give my child(ren) permission to participate in any and/all water activities.

 13. Our summer program will include several roller skate sessions.  On roller skating days, which will be indicated on the camp schedule, please have your camper wear heavy socks.  NOTE: Due to state regulations, all campers must wear socks to be permitted on the roller rink floor.

 14. Our locations are closed only on the following days the summer:  Fourth of July.  The full tuition is charged for these weeks.  PLEASE NOTE: Should the holiday occur on a Saturday, we will be closed on Friday. Should the holiday occur on a Sunday, we will be closed the following Monday.

 15. The camp will designate some field trips when children may bring money.  These days appear with a ($) sign on the camp schedule.  The maximum amount of spending money is $5.00.  Please note: We cannot be held responsible for lost money.  Parents of the younger campers (Apaches, Bunnies, Buccaneers & Leprechauns), should put their money in an envelope with their name on it, and hand it directly to the camp office.

 16. Families who prepay the entire summer (minimum 10 weeks) receive a 2% discount on tuition and a free camp beach towel.

 17. An NSF check (non sufficient funds) will incur a $25.00 charge.  Future payments will have to be paid by certified check or money order.

 18. If the outstanding balance is not paid at time of discontinuance, your account will be processed for outside collection. Should this occur, your account will be charged an additional minimum charge of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars or 50.0% of the outstanding balance whichever is greater as a collection fee. Should it be necessary to initiate litigation, you will be charged for attorney fees and court costs.

 19. At discontinuation, if the account is carrying a credit balance, refunds will be available for pick up within six weeks.  Lost checks will incur a $25 stop payment fee to be re-issued.  Records will be issued for up to (two) years after discontinuation at no charge.  If more than (two) years old, a $100.00 fee will be charged.  The fee must be paid in full in order to receive the child’s records.

 20. Emergency Closings:  No refunds or credits will be issued if the school closes for any reason.    

I agree that when my child(ren) enters the program, I will abide by the aforementioned policies.  I also understand that I am liable only for each week's tuition as it becomes due, and it is my prerogative to discontinue my child at the end of any of the weekly periods with the proper advance written notice of TWO weeks.

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