Winter Fun

Winter is here and with winter comes cold weather here in the Midwest! Cold weather can mean freezing temperatures that can often have children (and parents and caregivers) going stir crazy indoors! Though it’s not as easy to play outside on a regular basis like when it is summer, there is still plenty to do to keep children active and engaged with fun activities in the winter! Read along to learn some fun ways to keep the little ones having fun all winter long!

  1. Make Snow Angels and a Snowman (or Snowwoman) – When it is not too cold out (below 30 degrees) bundle up the kiddies in snow gear and take them outside to make snow angels and a snow person of their choice. You can get creative with a snowman by using fun fruit or different kinds of candy for facial features and buttons and dress it up with silly clothes…Why not add some food coloring to your snow person to allow the children’s creativity to be further utilized? Make sure to take some fun pictures of the process and of the finished product for fun memories to enjoy for years to come.

  2. Make Snowflakes – Using construction paper and scissors, make fun snowflakes that the children can decorate with crayons, markers, paint – even glitter! Once the artsy snowflakes have dried, either stick them to the windows as a beautiful window display or hang them from wraphia on curtain rods at different heights to enjoy all winter long. Children love having their art displayed!

  3. Bake – Children loving baking, especially when it comes to baking sweet treats! Whether you help them bake cookies, cupcakes, or cakes, let them really get involved in the baking process. If they learn to enjoy baking and cooking at a young age, more than likely it will stick as they get older. It helps teach them independence and responsibility early as well.

  4. Coordinate Indoor Play Dates – Try planning a once or twice a week play date activity with other children where children come to your house and play and vice versa. Changing up the location of where playdates are held helps keep children from being bored and allows them to get acclimated with other environments – while getting to play with other children’s toys as well! It also allows you the chance to socialize with other parents and or caregivers.

  5. Visit the Children’s Museum – Children’s museums allow children to experience all kinds of fun activities from painting to exploring to pretending to be someone else like a fireman or even a bird! Most museums offer discounted rates certain days of the week so it doesn’t have to be an expensive activity.

  6. Outdoor Fun – Go sledding! This is a fun activity that children love to do and is free of charge!

There are so many fun things to do in the winter – You just need to think outside the box! Winter allows us to slow down a bit while still staying active with creative and adventurous activities! Have fun coming up with other wonderful winter activities your whole family will enjoy!