Why Owning a Pet is Wonderful for Children...and the Entire Family

At some point in your child’s childhood years, he or she will ask – actually beg – for a family pet. Many parents are adamant about never having a pet in their home for several reasons which include the work involved, time, patience, cost, the list goes on and on. Truthfully though, getting a family pet can change the entire dynamic of a family…for the better. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn several reasons why owning a pet can be wonderful for your child and the entire family.

  • Outdoor Activity – Owning a pet, specifically a dog, naturally forces children to play outside with their furry canine friend. Dogs require a certain amount of exercise so it’s a great opportunity for your child and you to take the dog for a walk, run, or play catch with a ball or Frisbee. Dog parks are great for dogs to meet and play with other dogs while you and your child can meet other dog owners and families.
  • Less Chance of Allergies – Children are less likely to develop allergies and asthma if they grow up around pets. Their immune systems get stronger and build up resistance to animal dander and fur.
  • Responsibility – Children learn true responsibility when they are required to help take care of the family pet. Cleaning up after the pet, feeding time, play/exercise time, walking the pet outside when bathroom breaks are needed, and more will help teach your child how to be responsible for another living thing.
  • Unconditional love – Pets like cats and dogs are great for teaching children how to be kind and affectionate on a whole different level. Your child can find love from a family pet when they need extra TLC. Cuddling and bonding with the family pet reduces every family member’s stress, anxiety, and any feelings of loneliness.
  • Sharing – Children learn how to share loving a pet with the other family members, mainly their siblings. Sibling relationships have proven to grow stronger due to owning a family pet.
  • Less Medical Visits – Studies have shown that owning a pet means less doctor’s visits for the entire family! Why? Well, as stated above, loving and cuddling a family pet reduces stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

There is nothing like the love of a family pet. The memories your family can build with a beloved animal are truly priceless. The bond and love formed between the family pet and each family member is so special.