Valentine's Day Crafting

January is coming to an end and Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away. We are sure children are becoming stir crazy from the freezing winter days we have been experiencing lately here in the Midwest (we are feeling it too!), this is a perfect time to start Valentine’s projects that will stimulate your child’s creativity! Below are some fun activities to partake in the next couple of weeks.

  1. Hearts, hearts, hearts! Valentine’s Day is all about love so what better way to express the love of the season than making creative and festive hearts to display throughout your home. Simply take construction paper – we fully support ANY colors children feel like using – and paper doilies and cut them into different size hearts. Allow the children to decorate them with markers, crayons, stickers, and glitter! Then string the hearts in the window or place them throughout the house however you and your family would like to display them.

  2. Valentine Cards – It can take children, especially little ones, quite a bit of time to fill out Valentine cards for the classmates so we recommend starting this project early. So your child doesn’t get worn down from signing his or her name and decorating, we recommend having your child only fill out a few each day unless he or she feels like doing more. Then your child will be all set for Valentine’s Day festivities at school without having to have scrambled to get it done.

  3. Baking – We are always looking for an excuse to bake at Jolly Fun House Playschools! Purchase heart-shaped cookie cutters or whatever type of Valentine-themed cookie cutters you like and start baking some tasty cookies with your child that can then be decorated with frosting and sprinkles. Or bake some delicious cupcakes that the whole family (and classmates) can enjoy. We recommend baking some gluten-free and sugar-free treats as well in case any children in class have are intolerant to gluten or sugar. Please feel free to contact us to request any dietary restrictions for your child’s class.

  4. More on Hearts… We love hearts so much and wanted to share this great crafting idea with you for your child’s doorframe. Simply click this link to learn how to make a curtain of hearts for your child’s door.

There are endless ways to utilize some amazing creativity this Valentine’s season. Pinterest is a great place to learn new ideas for crafting and to experiment with all kinds of activities too. Happy Valentine’s Day - Much love to you all!