Toys to Avoid Buying this Holiday Season

The holidays are such a wonderful time for children and adults alike. Other than wonderful family time and delicious food enjoyed by all, children receive fun presents that they’ve waited all year for and parents get to experience seeing the happiness in their children’s faces as they light up over all the cool new toys they are blessed with. As joyous as this time is, it’s important for parents and all adults to be aware of toy danger. Not all toys sold are safe so we will delve into what toys to avoid buying for little ones this holiday season.

Most Common Toy Dangers Include:

Wrong Toy for the Wrong Age – It’s important to pay attention to the permitted age labeled on each toy box. Toys that may be safe for older children (for example, 10+ years of age) are extremely dangerous for little ones to play with. Please be aware of suggested age labels before buying toys for children.

Small Parts In/On Toys – Tiny or small toys with small removable parts can be swallowed by young children and become stuck in their windpipe, ears, or nose. Avoid giving gifts to small children that may be a choking hazard. Avoid squeaky toys too because the squeaker can be removed from certain toys and swallowed as well. Also avoid toys that have small pellets, sand, magnets, or batteries as young children can be in harm’s way with these materials as well.

Sharp Edges On Toys – Avoid toys with sharp edges which children can accidentally hurt themselves or others with. Make sure the toys are made well so that the edges don’t crack, exposing sharp edges as well.

Sharp Points on Toys – In addition to toys that may not be built sturdily and break exposing sharp points that can cause harm to children, avoid buying toys for children that have sharp points. If purchasing a doll or a toy for child that has accessories pinned to it, remove all pins before allowing the child to play with it.

Electric Toys – All electronic toys need to be used with caution. Most electric toys are recommended for older children and need to be used properly and in the correct safety conditions. Children (of the correct age requirements) must be taught how to use electronic toys safely before using. We recommend having adult supervision when children play with electric toys.

Loud Noises – Certain toys can reach such high noise levels that they can damage hearing. Read all warnings and labels on the boxes before using and make sure children use these toys appropriately and in the presence of a responsible adult.

Following these toy precautions will truly make this holiday season enjoyable and wonderful for all. Happy Holidays!