Sweet & Healthy Treats the Whole Family Will Love!

Don’t most people get a sweet tooth from time to time for yummy treats like brownies and ice cream? These desserts are rich, creamy, and downright delicious…not to mention extremely unhealthy and full of fat, calories, and unrefined sugar! So how can families still enjoy dessert after dinner or the occasional sweet treat without feeling lethargic or guilty afterwards?  We’ve taken a couple of America’s favorite sweet treats and have provided recipes to make healthy alternatives the whole family will enjoy…in fact, your family probably won’t know how healthy the treats are – They taste that good!

Chocolate Brownies – This raw brownie recipe we’re going to share with you is not only so delicious, but nut-free as well! And very healthy! Here are the 4 ingredients needed and the recipe:

½ cup of buckwheat groats (naturally gluten-free)

7 Medjool dates

1 tsp of vanilla extract or fresh bean

2 T raw cacao powder

7 T clean water

Prep: Blend the buckwheat groats in a blender or food processor until you have a fine consistency like flour. Add the additional ingredients and add the water last. It will be very sticky! Line a small pan or container with saran wrap and pour/scoop out the brownie mixture evenly onto the saran-lined pan.  Freeze the brownies overnight or for at least a few hours. Cut into squares and store in an air-tight container and keep frozen until you enjoy them. Just to warn you, they may be gone VERY QUICKLY! They are that good! You can also cut these into very tiny squares and add to your favorite smoothie for a yummy texture and chocolate-y pop of flavor!

Ice Cream – Or as we like to call it, NICE cream! This is one of the easiest and most delicious sweet and healthy treats to make and there are limitless options on flavors and varieties you can make! Simply unpeel ripe bananas that are a bit brown and spotty (these are sweeter and digest better in your stomach) and freeze them overnight. Depending on how many family members will be enjoying nice cream, we recommend 2-3 bananas per family member. Then pop the frozen bananas into the blender by itself or with other favorite fruits you may have and you have healthy ice cream! We promise the banana flavor is minimal, especially when blended with other fresh or frozen fruits. Want it to taste like chocolate ice cream? Simply add a little water and 1 T of raw cacao powder. Want it to taste more chocolate-y? Add a bit more! We just recommend starting with less cacao powder than more because you can always add more but can’t take it away. It’s the raw form of chocolate before its processed so it has a bitter taste…but when blended with sweet fruits like bananas, dates, etc., it is simply divine and tastes just like chocolate but without the added sugar, dairy, and soy.

We know your family will approve of these delicious sweet treats and they can be enjoyed in abundance! Please let us know what you think of these recipes once you and your family try them…Perhaps Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make one - or both recipes!