Summer Camp Benefits for Children

Summer camp is commonly heard around schools across America. Some children eagerly anticipate the start of summer because that means summer camp and new friends, new experiences, and new adventures. Summer camp was created to give children a chance to have memorable summers filled with all kinds of fun, yet there are children that never had the opportunity to enjoy summer camp. Luckily local day camps are a wonderful option  if certain families can’t afford to send their children away for summer camp or the children are “too timid” to go away for even a week. So what are the benefits of summer camp for kids?

  1. Physical Activity – How often have you heard your child say, “I’m bored…there’s nothing to do.” Well, summer camp allows children to participate in all kinds of fun summer activities like swimming, hiking, playing sports, and crafting, just to name a few!
  2. Step Away from Technology – Children today are plugged in to devices like computers, iPads, iPhones, and television like never before. Not having access to all of these devices allows children to have real human interaction with other children and engage in real interaction with other children…while showing real emotions!
  3. Confidence – Children gain self-confidence and self-esteem when they are challenged to try new activities they haven’t tried before. It may take some trial and error until they succeed but once they do…they experience true joy. Being outdoors in the summer doing fun activities causes children to thrive in ways they can’t in the classroom - It’s awesome!
  4. Independence – Children become more independent when they are able to search and discover without a teacher or parent telling them how to do something correctly. The exploration process is beautiful and makes children less dependent on their elders.
  5. Free-Time/Play –Time – Unlike school, summer camp allows children to freely play and simply have fun while trying and learning about new things. It’s more about “hands-on” exploration. Without summer camp, children may be “couch potatoes” and not look for fun ways to keep busy and play.
  6. New Friends – Children meet all kinds of new friends in summer camp! They learn how to deal with other personalities than just their classmates or family members, and many make true friends for life. There are no social pressures like at school and friends are made more easily with less clique-ness. All kinds of fun activities bring new friends together!

Jolly Fun Day Camp offers fun summer day camp programs for children in two locations in the Chicago area. Visit for more information. Fun activities include visits to the Water Park, the zoo, a variety of museums, and participating in sporting activities, performing in talent shows, and all kinds of other fun! We describe it as “Fun with a purpose!” which offers a balance of education benefits for a healthy body, strong character, and builds lifelong friendships.