Packing List for Traveling

Spring break is upon us and summer break is near. Both mean lots of traveling for families and little ones. It’s easy to forget packing essentials when trying to get the whole family together and organized so we’ve made it easier on you by writing out a packing list of things not to forget. We hope this makes your packing experience easy breezy!

  1. Dental Needs – Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss are so easily overlooked and forgotten when packing for travel. Save yourself time (and money) by putting a reminder note by your wallet or purse to pack the dental essentials before heading out the door for your vacation.
  2. Diaper Needs – Over-pack diapers and diaper wipes. You never know how your baby’s tummy will adjust to traveling so make sure to be fully stocked in this department. And don’t forget the diaper cream in case a rash develops (just make sure if you’re heading on a plane to pack a travel size so it will be allowed through the security checkpoint).
  3. Changing Pad for Diaper Changes – Keep your traveling baby station clean and sanitary by packing disposable changing pads so you can easily change diapers at local rest stops, airplane bathrooms, or even in the car (stopped at a safe location of course). These are a lifesaver!
  4. Extra Clothes – This can be utilized for babies and children. Pack an extra pair of clothes for airplane rides in case your child gets sick or spills something on themselves.
  5. Plastic Bags – These are great to place soiled diapers into and also to place dirty or damp clothes into before disposing or cleaning. Great for motion sickness as well.
  6. Cover-Up if Nursing – Respect the space of others and gain privacy in local places for privacy while breastfeeding.
  7. Pacifiers – If your baby or toddler uses a pacifier, make sure to have a backup in case the original gets lost between seats or dropped with nowhere to clean it up.
  8. Healthy Snacks – Pre-plan healthy snacks and meals for traveling on the road or on an airplane. You know best what your children will eat and we all know there is nothing worse than a hungry child that won’t eat if they don’t like the food! Keep it healthy by packing fresh veggies and fruit, trail mix, disposable apple sauces, etc.
  9. Sippy Cups & Bottles – Pack extra just in case. Enough said.
  10. Fun Activities – Keep your toddler or child entertained with fun activity books, coloring books, reading books, portable toys, flash cards, card games, etc. Children can be kept happily occupied on trips if they are kept busy!
  11. iPad or Digital DVD Player – These are easy to travel with and can keep the children entertained for a couple hours at a time. Just make sure to not keep their eyes glued to these screens for too long – they need to be entertained in other ways as well (like the ideas in #10).

There are of course tons of other items we could add to this list but unfortunately we can’t add them all. Plan ahead by writing a list of all the things you need to pack and as they go into duffel bags or suitcases, check them off the list. Good luck and safe traveling to you and your wonderful family!