Minimizing your Child’s First Day of School Nerves

Your child’s first day of school can be filled with such nervousness! This can be caused by separation anxiety, fears of the unknown, and some sadness. As parents, we feel a whole other set of emotions knowing our child is getting bigger so quickly! But it’s important to ease your child’s nervousness so that he or she has a positive experience starting school. There are some great tips to follow on how to prepare your child for the first day of school and we have listed them below. Starting the process now into easing your child into the first day of school will make the transition so much smoother when the actual day comes.

  • Make it a priority to visit your child’s school multiple times before the first day.  That way you and your child can see the new classroom, meet the teacher, and become familiar and excited with all the new things your child will be learning and doing at school!
  • Start talking about your child’s first day before school starts. Get him or her excited about meeting new friends, new games and toys to play with, and a new adventure that is about to begin!
  • Ask your child what he or she is feeling regarding the first day of school. Open communication is important for all areas of life and allowing your child to openly express what they are feeling will help ease anxiety. Don’t ask leading questions though like, “Are you scared…” etc. Keep it positive and encouraging. If your child willingly describes feeling scared or nervous, then you can discuss that as it comes.
  • Play “school” at home with your child. Set up a pretend classroom, allow your child to play a student while you play the teacher and vice versa, and role play a day at school. Make it exciting and fun and this will greatly improve your child’s overall excitement about starting school.
  • Watch television and/or movie programs regarding positive experiences with the first day of school and read books about this as well. The more your child feels acclimated to the new environment he or she is walking into, the better!
  • Set up some crafting time with your child to make his or her new teacher a sweet present for the first day of school. Your child will look forward to presenting it to the teacher either at the open house or the first day of school.

Following some of these tips will truly ease your child’s nerves regarding the first day of school. Of course, it’s natural to be nervous to start a new year or a new school or do anything for the first time but this helps your child grow and develop and become stronger. Just remember to remain positive, loving, and encouraging of the transition and in a short time, your child will be free of any nervousness!