Minimizing Video Game Playing Time

Kids just love video games! They always have. It’s a fun fantasy world for them to enter and be a part of…sometimes for hours on end. That is the big problem though. It’s not healthy for a child to play video games – staring at a screen blankly – for hours on end. Many parents agree but are not sure how to tackle this problem of video game overload. Once we share the risks with you, we don’t think it’ll be too hard to hone in on this issue. Simply limit the amount of time your child is allowed to play any electronic device daily and stick to the rule you’ve set.

Issues with too Much Video Game Time

  1. Increased Risk of Obesity – Sitting and playing video games definitely contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle. Children remain sedentary for much too long, decreasing healthy physical activity. It’s important to have your child get lots of physical activity on a daily basis that will keep them strong and healthy while allowing them to release the loads of physical energy they have stored up.

  2. Too Much Violence – If your child plays video games that contain a lot of violence, this can have a negative effect on his or her well-being. It can cause children to desensitize, becoming numb to normally gruesome acts of violence.

  3. Sleeping Issues – With too much TV/screen time, children can have disrupted sleep. Don’t allow your child to play video games within two hours of bedtime.

  4. Academics – Your child’s academic performance may suffer with increased exposure to video games since your child won’t be reading as much. It is found that children who spend too much time playing video games or watching TV do worse on tests than students who don’t.

To help ease your child off of video games, encourage other fun activities your child can participate in. This can include sports, reading, crafting, and playing board games with siblings and with you and your spouse as well! You have no idea how much fun can be had with something as simple as playing a board game as a family! It increases communication and joy tenfold!

Don’t treat limiting your child’s video game time as a punishment. Instead, say something like, “Let’s go have some fun doing something else now!” There are truly so many fun and interesting things to do other than playing video games for a long period of time. Take a proactive approach in weaning your child off electronics and it will benefit him or her in the long run!