Making Time for Each Child

If you’re a parent and have more than one child, it can be difficult making quality time individually with each child. It is so important though, for each child to have one-on-one time with you and with your spouse. While being actively involved in family activities as a whole is fun and action-packed, we recommend setting time aside every week to give some personal attention to each child. With every family’s ever-changing and hectic schedule, this idea of one-on-one time can seem impossible! But we promise it’s not. It’s actually quite simple. It can be an hour or two a couple times a week of quality time with each child – alone – to grow the parent-child relationship in such a special and bonded way. Some fun bonding activities may include:

  • A visit to the local bakery or ice cream shop (even Starbucks!) for a sweet treat and loving conversation
  • A library trip to have some quiet reading time together and picking out some new books to bring home for nighttime reading before bed
  • A bike ride to the park
  • An evening swim at the lake or pool
  • Cooking or baking together
  • Crafting time
  • Going for a long walk (feel free to take the family dog too!)
  • Playing a board game at the library

There are endless activities you can enjoy – just make sure it’s only you two and that you are fully invested in that time with your child. Put the cell phone or iPad aside and grow some beautiful memories. The more simple and light-hearted the activities are, the more fun you will have. Children don’t need to be bought stuff to have fun – They just want time with you!

Not only does each of your children need quality time with you, but you need it too. It’s true. If you’re a parent of more than one child, you know first-hand how unique and different your children’s personalities are. When you make time with each child individually, you are allowing yourself to get to know your child in a deeper and more intimate way and can help encourage him or her to be their unique self - Allowing his or her true personality to develop and flourish. This can be hard to do in a big family dynamic which is why it’s important to set aside time for each child.

When you intentionally take time aside for each child and put the busy-ness of life on “pause” momentarily, it is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give your children – and yourself. When you force life to slow down…it will slow down. And your children will thank you for it.