Labor Day Family Fun

Ahhh, Labor Day. A time to truly rest from work and any stresses in life. Most look forward to the 3-day weekend with eager anticipation and as a last “hoorah” before summer comes to an end. Oh, how we wish summer could stay forever! But since it can’t, make Labor Day weekend a wonderful time of true relaxation spent with family and loved ones. Here are some great ideas to make this a last great long weekend of summer:

  • Have a BBQ – Keep it simple and sweet. Plan a fun BBQ with your children and spouse and invite your closest family and/or friends. Grill some delicious food, have plenty of seasonal fruit and veggies on hand (you need to enjoy them as long as you can – summer produce is the best!), and play fun games.
  • Go Camping – Going camping is tons of fun and makes memories that last a lifetime. There’s nothing better than packing up and driving into nature to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life.
  • Have a Backyard Camping Trip – If you can’t afford to go camping or don’t have the time to get to a great campsite (or it’s simply too much work), have a camping experience in the backyard with the little ones. Set up tents, tell silly stories, make s’mores, sleep outside…your children will love it. And you may be surprised how much you love it too. J
  • Take a Road Trip – Take a road trip for the day or for the long weekend to a cool place your family has never been before. Visiting new places, even if it’s just a couple hours away, may be just what your family needs for a change of pace.
  • Have a Water Day – Put out the sprinklers and/or slip ‘n slide, fill up a kiddy pool, and make water balloons – and then throw them at each other. These simple pleasures are so joy-filled and easy. Your whole family will truly have so much fun playing in and with water all day.
  • Put away all Technology – For the weekend to be truly relaxing and joy-filled with your family and friends, put away anything that will distract you from time away from work and stress. This includes computers, laptops, tablets, and if possible, cell phones.
  • Park, Tennis, Baseball, & More – Visit the park, play tennis as a family, attend a local baseball game or round up a game of your own to play – these are just a few great and fun ideas for you to partake in with your family. Play hard then rest hard!

As you can see, there are unlimited possibilities to making this Labor Day weekend fun, relaxing, and family-orientated while making lasting memories. Take advantage of the end of summer weather before fall and winter come. Summer, we love you! Stay as long as possible!