Keeping Children Warm & Entertained This Winter

Winter is definitely here! And it’s cold outside! This means keeping your child warm and busy with fun activities through the cold.

Dressing Warmly

At Jolly Fun House Playschools, we recommend dressing your child appropriately to stay warm and cozy during these chilly months ahead. Please send your child to school in warm layered clothing which includes a long sleeved shirt, sweater, warm socks, winter jacket, hat, mittens or gloves, scarf, snow pants, and a face cover when necessary.

We will continue to have outside recess if the temperature is above 25 degrees, even in the snow, which is why it is so important to keep your child dressed warmly. Please pack an extra sweater, pants, and socks in case your child gets wet from the snow.

Let’s fight the winter together as a working team! Thank you in advance for your COOPERATION which happens to be our character trait of the month!

Winter Entertainment

Just because its winter doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things to do with your child. We have created a list of fun things to do so your child doesn’t get bored or inactive this winter.

  • Build a Snowman, Fort, and Have Fun Outdoors! As long as it’s above 25 degrees and children are bundled up, playing outside is just as fun as when it’s summertime. In addition to building a snowman and fort, why not make snow angels and have fun (yet safe) snowball fights. Just avoid the face so children don’t get hurt!

  • Learn to Cook and Bake! Children love to learn new things and cooking and baking are no exception. On days when it’s too cold to be outside (or when the kids come inside from playing outdoors), have a cooking “class!” Choose easy recipes for your child to be involved in and teach him or her how to make simple delicious recipes. Teach your child about hygiene and sanitation in the process (i.e. washing your hands before and after cooking, sanitizing counters, cleaning utensils, etc.). So much fun can be had when a child learns how to crack open an egg, stir a batch of delicious brownies, or can help whip up a yummy and healthy dinner for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Write Letters to Mail – Don’t let writing become a lost art. Have a fun “crafting and writing letters” day that can be sent out to family and loved ones. Who doesn’t love receiving postal mail and your child will love sending love to others via mail.

  • Play Board Games – Put down the iPad games and bring out an old-fashioned fun board game that the whole family can enjoy. The whole family will be spending quality time together while talking and laughing…what could be more fun that making silly memories together?!

  • Have a Play Date – Set up play dates for your child with his or her friends. If you need some company too, invite the parent over to have some quality time as well. Children love to play with their friends and it’s nice to change the scenery by having play dates at your house and then their houses – Free fun…We just love it!

Honestly the possibilities are endless with fun activities to keep your child entertained in the winter. Sometimes it just takes thinking outside the box a bit – Let your child get involved and help you plan fun things to do! Children’s little minds are quite creative and you may be surprised at some of the fun things they come up with! And remember…stay warm!