Household Dangers for Toddlers

As parents, we all want to keep our homes as “safety proof” as possible especially when there are little mobile ones moving around. We’ve written a checklist of “danger zones” throughout the home to keep your child as safe as possible in any room of the house.

  • Kitchen Magnets on the Refrigerator: Toddlers can reach little magnets placed low on the refrigerator and put them in their mouths and potentially choke. We don’t recommend placing them higher either out of their little grasps. Instead, get rid of all small magnets that could accidentally be ingested by your young child.

  • Kitchen Appliances: Children can get their fingers caught in the dishwasher, they can get burned on a stove that is/was recently on, or cut themselves on sharp objects. There are special locks you can place on dishwashers, washers, dryers, ovens, etc. to keep your child safe. Maybe make a family rule that young ones can’t be in the kitchen alone (or any room for that matter) if they’re too little to understand the dangers that can come with touching something he or she shouldn’t be.

  • Kitchen Utensils: Keep kitchen utensils like sharp knives, can openers, and other items away from little children by locking them up in a cabinet or drawer that they can’t get into.

  • Cleaning Supplies in the Kitchen, Laundry Room, or Bathroom: No matter where you keep your household cleaning supplies, make sure they are out of reach of your small child’s grasp. Most contain harmful toxins and can also burn the skin so we recommend locking them up in a storage closet.

  • Bookcases in any Room of the House: A bookcase, even a heavy one, can fall on a small child if the child is reaching for a book or decides it might be fun to climb the shelves (they don’t know any better when little!). To avoid this happening, secure bookcases and bookshelves securely and safely to the wall with brackets and make sure every few months that they are in place and not loose.

  • Bathroom Razors and Grooming Scissors/Tweezers: Small children don’t know that these grooming appliances are dangerous and can cut or puncture them. Keep them in a locked cabinet or drawer (including all medicine that most typically store in the bathroom for easy access).

  • Bathroom Toilet or Tub: A small child can drown in just a few inches of water so never leave your young child unattended to in the bathroom. If he or she is using the toilet, sit in there with them and read them a book or talk, and never leave your child in the tub for even a few seconds to grab something or answer the phone. We recommend putting a latch on the toilet seat to make it nearly impossible for a young child to open alone and make sure every family member remembers to close the toilet seat cover after each use. Make a cute reminder note and stick it on the door or mirror so everyone remembers to shut the lid! Safety first!

  • Outlet Plugs: Plug each outlet in the house so little fingers can’t be inquisitive and stick them in a power source! They make plugs that are difficult for small children to remove.

  • Plastic Bags: Put all grocery plastic bags (including Zip Lock bags) in a high cabinet that your small child can’t get into. Many small children think plastic bags are toys and can put them over their heads not knowing any better, without knowing how to take them off.

We hope these simple tips help make your home a safer place for your young toddler. These are such simple solutions but can truly keep your child so safe! Rest assured in your home knowing you have taken the time to make your home “child-proof!”