Help your Child Fall in Love with Reading

We all know that reading is a benefit to all areas of one’s life. Communication and spelling is better as well as thinking creatively – an imagination can really run wild when delving into a great book! Unfortunately, many parents struggle getting their child to learn to fall in love with reading. But it really isn’t that difficult. Follow some of these great tips and we know your child will desire reading on a more regular basis!

  1. Don’t be Forceful! There’s nothing worse than forcing your child to like something.  If you want your child to learn to love reading, do not make it feel like a chore. We also don’t recommend making a deadline to complete reading a certain amount of books by a certain time. The less you make reading feel like a punishment or chore, the greater your chances of your child enjoying reading.

  2. Start Young – Create a tradition of nightly story time before your child’s bedtime. Every night before bed, allow your child to choose a book of his or her choice that is also at their reading level to read to them or vice versa. Not only are you incorporating nightly reading into your child’s life, but you get to spend quality time together as a family that will become a cherished memory.

  3. If Your Child is Older… there is still hope for your child and reading. Start slow. Research books that are popular for your child’s reading level and suggest reading together as a family. Even better, ask your child to read to you. It will help your child to not only get “into” a great book, but also to become more confident and comfortable with reading aloud and more acclimated with public speaking.

  4. Lead by Example! Turn off the television or iPad and pick up a good book. Create “story time” as a family. If your child sees you reading and enjoying a good book, your child will be more likely to follow suit. Children will adjust better to you turning off their electronics and asking them to read a bit if you do the same. Don’t just tell your child what he or she should be doing…show them!

Remember to be loving and encouraging – this is so important! Good luck and have fun! We know these tips will help your children fall in love with reading!