Halloween Safety

Children anticipate Halloween every year because it’s the one day a year they get to dress up in fun costumes and go door-to-door and collect all the candy they can carry! What child wouldn’t love a day like that? For as much fun as Halloween is, it can come with its share of safety concerns and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We have listed some safety tips for you and your child to follow to ensure your child has a safe and fun-filled Halloween.

  • Never trick-or-treat alone. If your child is younger, one or both parents or a trusted adult should supervise your child. If your child is a teenager, and they insist on going out alone, use your best judgment. If your teenager is responsible and listens well, and you believe they can go out without parental watch, then make sure they are traveling with a pack of other teenagers and don’t wander off.
  • Check each piece of candy collected. Unfortunately, not all people can be trusted and sometimes, the candy handed out is tampered with. Check for loose wrappers, already opened or unpeeled candy wrappers, etc. It’s recommended to throw out any lollipops or candies that are simply twisted shut and not sealed shut. Also, throw out any small pieces of candy that can be a choking hazard for your small child. And never eat homemade treats from neighbors.
  • Wear Reflective Tape. It’s hard for drivers to see children at night if they are wearing dark clothing. Apply reflective tape to the front and back of your child’s costume or simply apply it to his or her candy bag on each side.
  • Avoid walking on the road whenever possible. Stay on lit up sidewalks instead to avoid being accidentally hit by a car. Lit sidewalks and neighborhoods are safer as well.
  • Carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating. This will help you direct your child’s and your way if you come to an area where the light is minimal but avoid dark areas at all costs. Stay where there are lit up sidewalks and streets.
  • Dress warmly. Depending on where you reside, Halloween can be quite chilly. Have your child put on more layers of clothing under his or her costume to stay warm and insist they wear a jacket even if it covers part of their costume. There is nothing worse than being freezing cold and getting sick after collecting candy all day or evening.
  • Only trick-or-treat at homes that are lit up. Avoid going to homes that are dark and no lights present. And never let your child go into the home of a neighbor unless you are with them.
  • Wear flame-resistant costumes. Self-explanatory.

Follow our tips on safety and this will ensure your child has a fun time with lots of candy collected to enjoy over the next couple of months! Happy Halloween to all of you!