Fun Games to Play

There are so many free fun games that you can play with your children that will keep them entertained for hours. It’s important for children to be away from television and electronic screens so they can use their imaginations and let their creativity and spirits shine! Read along for some great game ideas:

  • Play Tag – Remember Tag? What a fun game that gives anyone who plays it a fun rush of adrenaline and pure joy! Someone has to be “It” and chase after others until they touch/tag someone else who then becomes, “It.” This game may keep the family busy for hours. Warning: Lots of giggles and laughs will be had!

  • Set up an Indoor or Outdoor Maze – Depending on the weather, set up a fun maze for the children to play in inside or outside. You can use large mats, chairs, couch cushions, pillows, bed sheets, really anything safe and sturdy to create a maze that only has 2 exits. This idea could also be turned into a fort that the children can play in for several hours! Who doesn’t love a good fort?

  • Play the “Freeze” Game – Play fun music and have the children dance to the music. Once the music stops, the children have to freeze immediately for a few seconds until the music starts again. The poses the children freeze in are quite humorous and is simply so fun and silly to play.

  • Hide ‘N Go Seek – This game can be played inside or outside and is great for almost any age. If you have younger children, make sure you have an adult or older child be on a “team” with the younger ones to keep them safe and to make sure they don’t hide in any harmful places.

  • Have a Dance Party – Play some music, provide healthy snacks and juice, put up some streamers and balloons, and have a dance party with the kids! It’s a great way for children to release some energy, laugh a lot, move freely, and learn the rhythm of the music playing.

  • Water Balloon Games – Before the weather gets cooler, make sure to fill up some water balloons with lukewarm water and have silly water balloon fights with the kids. Make sure they have on bathing suits or an extra pair of clothes to change into after playing because getting soaked is required! Make sure to keep it friendly by not allowing the children to throw the water balloons at each other’s heads or faces! You can also play water balloon catching games to work on hand/eye coordination – the fun part is, if someone drops one, it just makes a fun wet splash!

We hope these ideas bring much fun and laughter for you and your entire family. Be creative when it comes to entertaining your children and remember, the less technology, the better when it comes to family time and building fun family memories!