Fun Fall Crafting Projects!

Who doesn’t love Fall? It’s a beautiful season transitioning from summer to winter that literally takes our breath away from the gorgeous colors of leaves changing and weather we want to drink up all year long! Bright colorful pumpkins, squash, and corn stalks are decorating the front of homes while the smell of apple pies and taffy apples make your mouth water with delight. With all the joys of Fall, there are plenty of fun projects to do with the kiddies to encourage them to appreciate this amazing season and boost their creativity in a variety of ways. Below we will list some of our favorite projects that you can enjoy doing with the entire family! Pumpkin Carving – This is an obvious project that most families enjoy partaking in but take it a step further. Have a pumpkin carving competition, where each family member has his or her own pumpkin to carve or pair off if you have little ones or too many family members to each have your own pumpkin. The “winner” gets a special candy bag surprise or something rewarding but don’t leave out everyone else. Have a special reward handy for each family member who participated to keep it light-hearted. Pop in a Halloween movie while carving pumpkins and have some fun treats on hand and you have a night that will surely become an annual tradition.

Leaf Decorating – Here’s a fun project one of our colleagues just did with her 5 year old niece. Walk around the neighborhood with a little bag collecting variations of beautiful leaves with vivid colors and different textures, shapes, and sizes. Head back home, pop in some fun music, and start crafting away. Cut 6 to 10 inch circles out of fall-colored construction paper, apply a glue stick to certain areas of each circle, sprinkle different colors of glitter over the glue, then glue different leaves onto each circle around the glitter. Allow to dry overnight then hole punch the top of each circle, string some Wraphia through the holes, and tie gently to curtain rods so the beautiful glittery leaf circles can hang at different lengths in the window. When the sun shines on the glitter, it is simply breathtaking! This is a decoration that can last through Thanksgiving if you’d like.

Pumpkin Man – Make a pumpkin man! What is that, you ask? It is similar to a snowman but with pumpkins! Purchase 3 different sized pumpkins, decorate each pumpkin to your liking with paint and stickers (with the top one clearly being the head of the pumpkin man), and stack the pumpkins on each. You may need to cut a hole in each pumpkin and put a properly-sized stick in each one to hold it in place but we promise, making a pumpkin man is so fun and looks ADORABLE in the front yard! The neighbors and other children in the area will love it too!

As you can see, there are many ways to be crafty and creative during this wonderful Autumn season! Think outside the box and let your children get in on the “creating” fun too. It’s wonderful to see how much they appreciate the season after delving into some of these fun projects. They will appreciate nature and all its beautiful glory so much more…what a wonderful thing to experience as a parent. Enjoy!