Child Safety Gates for the Home

As parents, our instinct is to protect our children. Protecting them includes making sure the home is child-proof in certain areas. Some parents believe less child-proofing means quicker learning by giving their child the freedom to explore but we don’t recommend this. Little ones tend to wander off rather quickly so make sure you don’t overlook putting up child safety gates by staircases and other areas where your child should not be wandering. Types of Child Safety Gates

There are two standard types of child safety gates – temporary or permanent – that you can choose from.

Temporary (Pressure-mounted): This is the “easiest” way to protect your children from harm as these types of child gates go on as quickly as they come off. Simply slide the panels between two doorways and the gate will stay securely in place.

Permanent (Hardware-mounted): This is a permanent solution to protect your child from getting into dangerous areas that is proven to be safer than the temporary gates as they can’t be knocked down. This type of gate is drilled to the doorframe or area it’s blocking and is recommended to stay up until the child is at least 2 years of age or when the child is able to walk and understand where he or she is allowed and not allowed to go on their own. There is a better locking system on permanent gates as well – a dual action locking system latches to open/close the door within the gate so it’s harder for children to open on their own.

Where to Install the Gate(s)

The gates should be placed where your child’s safety could potentially be at risk. Stairways at the top and bottom should always have child safety gates with young ones around. Other areas to consider putting up safety gates are in the kitchen, laundry room (where many hazardous household goods may be stored), fireplace, and rooms that may contain sharp or breakable objects. When installing the gates, make sure the gates are no more than three inches off the ground so your child can’t slide under them and that the height of the gates is at a minimum of three-quarters of the height of your child so they can’t climb over them.

We know your child’s safety is of utmost importance to you so make sure you have child safety gates installed in your home to protect the little ones. When purchasing child safety gates, look for brands that have hundreds of great reviews from other parents who have purchased safety gates as well. Just like anything else, choose quality gates that will ensure your child’s safety in your own home.