Censoring What Your Children See

As parents in this technology-crazed generation, it is extremely important to censor what your children see and don’t see. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital television make everything extremely accessible to everyone. It’s vital for you to stay 5 steps ahead of your children when it comes to technology so that they don’t get exposed to things they are too young to see.

Screening tools on new standard TV’s allow you to block shows and movies you don’t want your children to see. If your child sees something they shouldn’t see or come across something while watching TV with you (because let’s face it, even standard channels are pushing the buttons on what is acceptable), discuss with them what was seen and explain your beliefs and morals to them. Set the boundary on what you find to be acceptable – don’t be afraid to have the morals and values conversations. Children need to be taught them, especially with the society we live in today.

Block what your children can and can’t see on the internet by changing the setting on their computers and tablets. Put in a password only you and your spouse have access to so they can’t break it and get to areas of the internet they shouldn’t be looking. If you don’t set boundaries on internet searching and surfing, children will see things they shouldn’t see.

If you’re not sure how to use the tech-savvy products and programs your children use, take courses on how to use them or ask a friend that knows a lot about it to teach you. You need to stay ahead of your children and be more educated than them when it comes to technology to keep them protected from crime, sex, and all that is out there on the world-wide web.

If you allow your child to have an iPhone or smartphone, don’t let them have it 24 hours a day. Only let them carry it when away from you so you can get in touch with them and always make sure you take it away when it’s bedtime. There’s no reason your young child or teenager should be texting in the middle of the night or on the internet into the wee hours of the night.

Set the tone that you and your spouse are the bosses of the house and that these rules are being implemented because you love them and want to keep them safe. Children have plenty of time to be grown up – Preserve their youth and innocence for as long as you can. They will thank you one day.