Airplane Traveling with Little Ones

Any kind of traveling with young children can be stressful on parents but when you add flying to the mix, you never know what you’re going to get with children! Many parents get stressed out just thinking about upcoming travels and we don’t blame you! It can be quite stressful! With the holidays just around the corner, we thought we’d give you some tips on traveling with your children to make it as stress-free for you (and them) as possible.

  1. Allot yourself enough time – Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. Since young children and toddlers love to explore, give yourself an hour extra at the airport to explore and see all the flights taking off and landing. All the excitement may get them tired for the upcoming trip as well!

  2. Confirm your plane’s arrival – Delays can cause you and your children to stress if you’re stuck in an airport because of a delayed plane. Check ahead so that you’re not stranded in the airport with hungry, tired, anxiety-filled children.

  3. Pack some favorites – This includes your child’s favorite books, activity books, toys (that are small enough to travel with), healthy food, and clean water. Just make sure that any liquids you bring meet the security checkpoint and traveling standards otherwise they will be disposed of before going through security! Keeping your child entertained, fed, and hydrated are three keys to assist in having a successful trip. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks and a book or two for yourself as well...unhappy parents can cause children to become unhappy rather quickly.

  4. Pack Pull-Ups, diapers, and an extra set of comfy clothes and underwear – You never know when an “accident” can occur and this includes more than just a bathroom accident. Bring an extra set of dry clothes in case a spill from a drink lands on your child’s clothes – There is nothing worse than traveling with a child that is crying from being uncomfortable in wet, sticky, cold clothing!

  5. Purchase a child locator – This tiny piece of equipment can be strapped to a belt or shoes and is helpful in case your child bolts away from you in an airport or elsewhere. If they are not by you, you can set off the alarm and find them by the sound that comes from the locator placed on the child’s shoes or clothing. An amazing investment!

  6. Pack a little first aid kit – Fevers, bumps and bruises, and such can occur at the most impromptu times so we recommend traveling with a first aid kit. Make sure it includes a thermometer, sanitizing wipes, antiseptic wipes, child Tylenol, sting treatment, and band-aids.

  7. Avoid unhealthy food and sweets – The last thing you need is your child becoming lethargic from unhealthy fatty foods or on a sugar high from too many sweets. Packing healthy fruits, veggies, and sandwiches will keep your child satisfied and calmer throughout the traveling experience.

We hope this list helps you and that you and your family have better traveling experiences in the pending holiday months!