How to Encourage Your Child to Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is fun and delicious! Not only will eating healthy offer the body more vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy, it will provide the body with more energy. Now we know what you’re thinking, “My child already has a ton of energy!” Well, a child will have limitless energy either way but the right foods will be burned off more effectively and allow the brain to work better as well – which will ultimately improve overall health. A healthy eater sleeps better too! Let’s delve into the ways you can encourage your child to love healthy food:

·         Lead by example. If you want to teach your child about healthy eating, you need to be the example. Children learn more at home than they will anywhere else so if they see their parents eating unhealthy food, they will want to do the same. If your family eats poorly, create a new way of eating to encourage all to eat healthy. Clean the pantry and refrigerator out together and go grocery shopping as a family to pick out healthy food that everyone will love.

·         Always have healthy snacks available. This will help avoid unhealthy binges on the wrong food and will keep everyone satisfied which will lead to less unhealthy cravings. Raw nuts, fruit and veggies cut up and ready-to-eat in the refrigerator, frozen fruit and edamame in the freezer that is easy to pop into a smoothie (the fruit) and easy to cook in just a few minutes (the edamame), veggie chips, crackers and hummus, the list goes on and on! Make it simple and don’t overthink it. Just make it easily available!

·         Get your children involved. Other than throwing out the “junk” food and going grocery shopping together as a family, get your children involved in the prepping and cooking of meals and snacks. Allow them to help you stir, throw spices into the meal, etc. Your children will be more likely to eat the meal if they helped in some way to prepare it.

·         Take your children to the source of where their food comes from. Visit a local farm where they offer tours showing how the produce is grown and harvested. Take them to a local farm stand to meet the farmers who grow and make their food. Plant your own garden from seed to harvest so your children can learn the beautiful process of food being grown and then enjoyed. They are much more likely to eat the food then as well as have a new-found respect for where their food comes from.

We hope these tips will help you and your family become healthier. It’s a new year and it’s a great time to make positive changes that will make everyone healthier. It will also allow you all to spend more time together as a family. One of the best ways to come together is around healthy and tasty food. Happy New Year!