Kids' Summer Water Safety

To ensure your child’s safety while in the water, it’s vital to follow proper safety guidelines and procedures. With summer almost here, it’s the perfect time to make sure you are up-to-code on all things water-related to prevent your child from serious injury or drowning.

Though you don’t often think about water dangers when having a fun day at the beach or pool, it’s truly something that needs to be recognized. Drownings are one of the leading causes of injury death for children ranging in ages from 1 to 14 and 3 children die every day due to drowning. Parents and caregivers, your role to protect your children is crucial in saving their lives.

Vital Water Safety Tips

·         Learn CPR. Learning basic CPR will help you save your child’s life in case of an emergency.

·         Learn Water Basics. Basic swimming techniques and floating will help lessen your child’s risk of drowning. Every child should know how to move through water confidently.

·         Life Jackets. Every child should wear a life jacket when in and around natural bodies of water like a lake or ocean. Strong waves, current, or fatigue, can cause even a good swimmer to struggle in the water. Floaties or a life jacket are also recommended for young swimmers around the pool as well. And NEVER leave young children unattended in any area of water including a bucket filled with only a few inches of water.

·         Fencing. Install a four-sided gated fence or gated deck with self-closing gates around swimming pools by your home. If it’s gated off, your child shouldn’t be able to wander away and fall into it.

·         Watch Them. We can’t emphasize this enough. NEVER leave your young children alone unattended by any water including a bathtub or bucket of water. Don’t be distracted by a cell phone, book, other people, television, etc. because drownings happen quietly and quickly.

As you can see, you can prevent your child from drowning or serious water injury by following these simple but crucial water safety tips. Please pass this article along to anyone you know that can benefit from this information. Have a fun and SAFE summer!