Creating Holiday Traditions with Your Family

We at Jolly Fun House Playschool love the holiday season! Everything just feels magical…the twinkling lights, how we can see our breath in the cold air, the slower days, the holiday music, the food, crafting, and of course, seeing all this joy through our children’s eyes. We encourage making annual holiday traditions for your family. You don’t have to do what other families do but do what works for your family and what is special to all of you.

To do this, we recommend sitting together and coming up with ideas of what you want your annual holiday traditions to look like. It may include decorating your home together, listening to holiday music, baking some of your favorite foods, or even doing something to help others in need which may mean volunteering at a shelter, making and donating food to a homeless shelter, or donating time at a children’s hospital or elderly home to bring joy and cheer to those who may not have family to be with them. An added bonus: Coming up with yearly holiday traditions together means you get to spend more quality time TOGETHER as a family creating traditions.

Here are some questions to ask your spouse when creating your own traditions:

1.       What holiday tradition was your favorite growing up? Share them with your spouse and here his or hers in return. See if it’s realistic to incorporate these into your own family traditions.

2.       What do you want this holiday season to be about – what is the true meaning to you and your family? Is it centered around your spirituality? Do you want to make it about giving back to those in need? Or do you want it centered around imagination?

3.       What do you want the holiday season NOT to be centered around? Materialistic goods? Being stressed out and over-worked/over-tired? Santa and make-believe that isn’t real? Figure out what works – and doesn’t work- for your family and stick to it!

4.       What kind of food do you want to enjoy as a family? This is an important question for many reasons: You want to plan accordingly so you’re not running out last minute to get food (and stressing out), to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs, and to create your own holiday meal traditions.

5.       A fake tree or real tree? This obviously needs to be discussed because who doesn’t love having a tree around the holidays? And maybe you don’t want one but your spouse does! Definitely an important question!

Whatever you decide to do as a family during the holidays, we hope this holiday season and every holiday to come brings you all closer together year by year…while passing on the joy of family traditions to your children who will one day create their own holiday traditions with their families.

Happy Holidays!