Indoor Fun When the Weather's Bad

It’s hard on everyone when it’s cold or rainy out and doesn’t make it the ideal weather to play outside in! But don’t fret parents. We at Jolly Fun House Playschool have compiled a list of fun things to do indoors to keep your little ones entertained! Also, it’s alright for your children to experience "boredom" at times. They don’t need to be entertained from the moment they wake until the moment they go to sleep at night – In fact, in periods of boredom is when their imaginations can be more creative! It’s important for children to learn to entertain themselves at times too by playing with each or simply self-directed play. With that being said, below are some fun indoor activities:

·         Bake or cook something together! Allowing your children to be involved in the cooking process allows them to feel helpful while learning to use fine motor skills like pouring, sifting, and whisking. If your child is a bit older, you can incorporate math into it as well!

·         Read together. Reading together creates a beautiful bond between child and parent while helping to expand your child’s imagination and learn to read. Even better, add a yummy snack to reading time and cuddle up under the covers!

·         Do some family yoga. Children as little as babies and up can be involved in a yoga session. Babies can crawl around the mat and you, toddlers can copy what you’re doing or do their own poses that you follow along with, and your older children can simply do the same yoga you are doing! It’s entertaining and grounding for all ages and teaches young ones about taking care of one’s self physically, mentally, and emotionally.

·         Paint! Whether you finger paint or use brushes, painting is fun for anyone 1 and older. Children can paint on a ceramic piece or on paper…or even on a canvas big enough for them to get really creative! Whatever the painting project is, let your child choose how he or she paints and what he or she paints. Self-directed creativity is so important for children.

·         Play Legos or with blocks! Legos and blocks are so much fun because you can build so many different things and if you have multiple children of different ages, almost anyone can get in on the fun as long as the Legos and blocks are big enough and not a choking hazard.

·         Visit the library, museum, or something else. If you’re children are going stir-crazy, take them somewhere fun where they can learn and get some energy out. The library and museum are both fun and educational but you can also go to an indoor play park, gym, or even something super different like a rock climbing gym! You can also go somewhere as simple as a coffee shop for a change of scenery.

·         Make your own Play-Doh. Homemade Play-Doh is so easy to make and lasts quite a while if stored in an air-tight bag or Tupperware! You can even let your children help you make it by letting them add the food coloring and such. And of course, after you make it, play with it which is even more fun than making it!

·         Cuddle up for movie time. Choose a movie every age will enjoy and make a snack and settle in for some cuddles and a great movie!

We hope these ideas help you on days like today when it’s not ideal weather outside. The possibilities are endless on fun ways you can stay entertained indoors!